sanitization services tacomaAs we all try to balance keeping our spaces safe with the need to continue working, businesses can’t just wait until this pandemic passes. Instead, take steps and find resources to clean and sanitize your facility. According to the CDC, cleaning with soap or detergent reduces germs on surfaces and objects by removing contaminants. The traditional and simple way of cleaning weakens or damages some of the virus particles, which decreases the risk of infection from surfaces. We can follow up on your normal daily cleaning with extra steps to completely sanitize the common work areas for your facility.

Now, more than ever, the service and sanitation industry is an essential business to the community. The sanitization services experts at PMG Restoration will follow protocols to keep socially distanced interactions while on site. 

Disinfecting Your Facility 

Each worksite is different. We will work with you to identify “high touch” areas that are most likely to spread disease. Obviously, entryways and reception areas are key. Shared work areas 

like kitchens and bathrooms are also crucial for controlling the disease. Focus on common spaces and instruments: keyboards, keypads, tools, handles and buttons. Even the air filters and ventilation systems must be cleaned regularly.   

A combination of standard cleaning chemicals and microfibers will effectively remove dirt and germs. For example, UV-C Sanitation Wands, or electric/electrostatic sprayers can be used in high-traffic and hard-to-reach areas for an extra level of cleanliness.

Extra Help At Home

Residential services for cleaning and sterilization are also available.  Pests, bacteria and viruses can spread colds, flu, pneumonia, allergies, stomach bugs, ringworm, and other illnesses. Mold and mildew can flourish in the bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen. 

Even when you scrub, clean, and deodorize a little each day, it’s difficult to eliminate all the germs all the time. PMG Restoration can come in and address everything in one visit. 

If you or a family member has been sick with a contagious illness, call for sanitization services for thorough and deep cleaning to keep your entire family safe. 

Multistep Process

Of course, every location is different and requires a personal approach to your space. When the team arrives, generally the first step is an On-site Sanitization Assessment and a risk level assessment. A Site Safety Plan (SSP) will be developed to address the findings  

Surface cleaning comes first. Special solutions to remove sticky and oily films on all surfaces will be applied with a microfiber towel. Then, the team mops or towel dries the surface to minimize aerosolization

Then, if a surface does not have a sticky or oily film, our technicians will clean the area with a different solution to remove soil and microorganisms from the surface. A  topical sanitization or disinfectant solution is used where appropriate. 

Air filtration will be addressed and HEPA filters will be recommended as needed. A schedule will be developed for the maintenance and filter changes.  

Specific to Covid

PMG Restoration technicians are strictly adhering to OSHA regulations and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance when safely cleaning and disinfecting commercial properties from coronavirus (COVID-19). Areas and materials impacted by pathogens and viruses are properly and discreetly disinfected, decontaminated and removed if necessary.

Our team understands the importance of keeping your customers, vendors and employees healthy and safe. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of infection, we do not recommend that you try to remediate and disinfect these areas yourself. Let your team focus on your corporate goals and call the sanitization services professionals at PMG Restoration to clean and sterilize. 

For Professional Sanitization Services in and Around Tacoma

Protecting the health of those who visit your commercial space (or live in your home) will continue to be a major responsibility again this year. Professional sanitization services can give you peace of mind while minimizing the risk of illness. PMG Restoration can help in many types of properties: schools, commercial buildings, retail, and multi-family housing.

Sanitization processes include services that use electromagnetic misting equipment to treat and clean high-touch surfaces. The technicians will use full-body PPE equipment and can work around your schedule and clients as you need.

PMG Restoration is committed to excellence and treating all Tacoma customers with compassion and respect. As a minority and female-owned business, the safety and comfort of our customers is the number one priority.