Avoid the Stress & Hassle of Deep Cleaning During Your Move

Why Should I Have a Professional Perform Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning?

PMG Restoration offers move-in / move-out cleaning services for apartment buildings. Do you want to thoroughly clean a unit before a new tenant moves in? Are you moving out and want to save your security deposit by leaving the space spotless? No matter the reason, our expert team is ready to help. With experience and knowledge on our side, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

What Are the Benefits of Move-In Cleaning?

Moving is a lot of work and can be incredibly stressful. On top of everything else you have to do, you don’t want to spend precious time and energy cleaning your new place before you move in! Check that item off your to-do list with a single call to PMG Restoration. We are grateful for your business and are here to help!

Even if your new place appears to be neat and well-maintained, it can benefit from a deep cleaning to ensure dust and allergens from past tenants are removed, your dryer vent and air ducts are clean, and it is properly disinfected. No one wants any surprises when moving into a new place, and we can help you make the transition seamless.

Move-Out Cleaning

If you are in a rental property, ensuring your space is clean and ready for the next tenant is necessary if you want your security deposit to be returned. And if you are selling your home, move-out cleaning can help you market your property to ensure you get the best offers!

Hiring a professional for move-out cleaning means you can focus your efforts on packing and moving. Let our professional team clean your property after you leave, and you can be satisfied knowing it’s taken care of for you.

Expert Partners Agree

“When we moved into our new house the folks at PMG cleaned all of the vents and ducts of the HVAC system and checked our dryer vents to make sure they were good too!”


“PMG Restoration cleans the laundry rooms on my rental properties every year. Not only are my dryers clean and efficient, but my energy costs have been reduced .”


See how easy it is to hire a professional to

clean and prepare your property when moving