Do You Have Fire Damage Project We Can Help With?

Many Accidents Can Cause A Fire On Your Property

A fire can cause major damage to your property. When a fire occurs, it can

  • Leave behind large amounts of soot

  • Leave a nasty residue over all surfaces

  • Cause smoke contamination (a toxic combination of chemicals)

  • Melt or burn crucial structural materials

  • Damage the building’s electrical system

  • Leave behind discoloration

Removing smoke and soot is essential to restoring an area back to normal. If your home or workplace has been affected by a fire, call PMG Restoration as soon as possible. After the fire has been put out, our experts will assess the damage and determine an action plan. We are here for you, and appreciate you placing your trust in us during this challenging time.

Once The Flames Are Out Let PMG Restoration Take Over

Fire damage restoration may take some time to complete. Depending on the scope of the fire, you may need to fix damaged building materials, confirm that the air is safe for breathing, and determine if your belongings are free of soot and smoke.

This type of restoration requires a specialist to repair and restore your property. If you find yourself experiencing fire damage, please call our experts at 833-472-0257. By the time we’re finished, your property won’t just look good on the outside—it will be healthy on the inside as well!

What To Expect

  • A courteous professional
  • On-site inspection of pre-restoration and damage assessment
  • Quote/Estimate (Prices may vary)
  • Fire cleanup
  • Content cleaning and sanitation
  • Debris removal (i.e., fire damaged or wet building materials such as carpet, pad, baseboard, furniture, cabinets, drywall, framing, etc.).
  • Smoke, Odor removal, and Deodorization to get rid of the smoke smell.
  • Project Monitoring and inspection
  • Pack-out (if needed)